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Emily Jones lives in middle Tennessee with her husband and their two children. After a few months of sending her oldest child to preschool, she witnessed first-hand the lack of character development in a traditional school setting. She and her husband decided that homeschooling was the only viable option for a child’s education.

After she started homeschooling her children Emily found that she was regularly approached by other homeschool parents who were interested in incorporating character training into their curriculum and daily lives. Because of this, Emily started blogging as a way to share how she teaches these life lessons to her children in a practical way.

 Emily Jones

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Significant Parenting

Homeschool parents put so much emphasis on ensuring that their children learn the information necessary to meet state requirements. However, it is equally important for us to take advantage of the freedom homeschool provides in order to raise wholesome children who grow up and become adults who contribute to society and make the world a better place. Emily will discuss practical ways to teach children good character development that will have a long-lasting positive effect.