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Elizabeth Urbanowicz is a follower of Jesus Christ who is passionate about knowing Jesus and making Him known. Elizabeth holds a BS in Elementary Education from Gordon College, an MA in Literacy Education from Northern Illinois University, and an MA in Christian Apologetics from Biola University. Elizabeth spent the past ten years teaching elementary students at a Christian school and designed Foundation Comparative Worldview Curriculum to meet a need she found in the classroom — the need to prepare children, at an early age, to recognize, evaluate, and reject the hollow and deceptive philosophies they encounter in our culture. Elizabeth now works fulltime on developing comparative worldview and apologetics resources for children. Her goal is to prepare the next generation to be lifelong critical thinkers and, most importantly, lifelong disciples of Jesus Christ.

 Elizabeth Urbanowicz

Workshops from Elizabeth Urbanowicz ( may vary by event location )

Using Critical Thinking to Prepare Our Children for Lifelong Discipleship

Research has shown that our children are leaving the faith. For far too long, we have been talking at our children, rather than equipping them to think through the Christian worldview critically. How can we develop in our children the critical thinking skills they will need to be lifelong disciples of Jesus in a secular culture? In this session, we will explore a variety of strategies we can implement to begin developing critical thinking skills in our children.

Preparing Our Children to Encounter Competing Worldviews

A host of competing worldviews call out to our children. While protecting them from specific cultural influences is beneficial, we need to prepare our children to have a vibrant faith in a secular culture. How can we equip our children to navigate the thousands of false messages that clamor for their attention? In this session, we will explore a variety of strategies we can use to prepare our children to encounter false ideologies and live vibrant lives of faith in Jesus Christ.

Equipping Our Children to Navigate the LGBTQ Movement in Truth and Love

Our children are growing up in a world that aggressively promotes ideas about gender and sexuality that do not align with Scripture or reality. How can we prepare our children to live out a biblical, reality-based understanding of gender and sexuality without overexposing them or imparting fear or prejudice? In this session, we will engage in a variety of practical activities that we can use to prepare our children to understand the root errors of the LGBTQ movement.

Apologetics for Kids

We typically reserve apologetics instruction for high school and college students. However, is it wise to wait until the late teen years before we equip our children to understand why we can confidently place our trust in the biblical worldview? Come explore developmentally appropriate strategies we can use to capitalize on the elementary years and begin apologetics training with our children!

Mommy, How Do We Know the Bible Is True?

If we want our children to be lifelong disciples of Jesus, they need to understand that Christianity is not a blind faith. We have solid reasons for believing the Bible truly is the Word of God, but how can we help our children understand this in the elementary years? In this session, we will examine the reliability of Scripture and discuss developmentally appropriate ways in which to present this information to our children.

Preparing Our Children to Navigate a Media-Saturated World

We intentionally monitor the content our children encounter. But research has shown that our children are rapidly absorbing false ideas from the culture and mixing them in with Christianity. How can we equip them to navigate our media-saturated world without absorbing a secular worldview? This session will explore practical strategies we can use to help our children transform from passive recipients of information to active evaluators of every idea they encounter.

Helping Our Children Navigate Doubt

Doubts can be a healthy and necessary part of any authentic faith journey. However, the Christian community frequently views doubts as negative, harmful, and unbiblical. How can we foster a home environment that welcome’s our children’s questions and uncertainties, while also pointing them to the truth of the Christian worldview? Come explore practical ways we can help our child develop a confident, robust faith in Jesus.