Eileen Chevalier

Eileen Chevalier, hailing form a family of educators, has loved all things related to teaching and learning for as long as she can remember. After working in private and public settings, she earned a Master’s degree of Art & Design from NC State University. Currently, she teaches her three kids in a camper as they travel the USA.
Eileen and her husband, Mike Roy, created Docet Docent to bring beautiful, innovative products to the market and are now documenting their travels and educational adventures as they explore America’s historic and geologic sites.

Workshops from Eileen Chevalier (may vary by event location)

Is This a Stupid Question?

Are there stupid questions? Are there dangerous ones? Can questions direct the course of your life? Which questions are you asking and what are you learning from them? Join Eileen Chevalier to ask what makes a great question and explore their power, for good or ill.