Dr. Tim Rees

Hello, everyone! I am the Dean of Enrollment Management at Erskine College and have worked in higher education for over 15 years and all at Christian institutions. What I like most about working at a school like Erskine is the ability to assist students one on one and theclose-knit community. My wife and I have four children who have been homeschooled at some point in their education journey. I am also a first-generation college student which means I know the struggle of trying to figure out the maze of opportunities regarding college and career. I chose career first and college later in life so while my perspective may be backwards from most it does give me insight that is useful. I hope you will join me for our discussion about the process of preparing for what is next after home school.

Workshops from Dr. Tim Rees (may vary by event location)

Five best ways to prepare your student for college and career

Practical advice from a college enrollment professional and former homeschool dad. Parents and students have questions about preparing for post-homeschool and this session will provide steps that can prove useful in that endeavor.

Homeschool to College