Dr. Rebecka Spencer

Dr. Rebecka: Certified academic language therapist, teacher, administrator, speaker, writer & MOM
of a struggling learner!
She is a Jesus follower who has taught in both the public and private
school settings for over 20 years from early childhood to college,
founded a Christian School in her local community, and currently serves
as the Academic Language Therapist & Head of School at CAO.

Workshops from Dr. Rebecka Spencer (may vary by event location)

Rethinking Dyslexia: The Bigger Picture Using the CherishⒸ Model

Dyslexia is one of the most misunderstood language learning disabilities, and perhaps it is time we rethink the bigger picture. Using the Cherish MethodⒸ, homeschool moms and teachers can overcome the learning struggle with a biblical perspective and the tools you need to help your child. Approaching dyslexia as a strength instead of a weakness using this method will help unlock and discover the brilliance of your dyslexic learner placing them on the path God made them for their intended purpose to fulfill His will for their lives.

What’s Executive Functioning Have to Do with Dyslexia? How to Increase Dyslexic Student Outcomes

It’s no secret that when it comes to literacy instruction, Phonological Awareness, Phonics, Vocabulary, Reading Fluency, and Comprehension all are keys to unlocking the dyslexic brain. But there is another KEY component that we need to be including in our literacy lessons of our dyslexic and struggling learners homeschool lessons if we want our instruction to be effective and have LASTING RESULTS.