Dr. Randy Williamson

Scripture Memory Fellowship

Randy Williamson is a native of Mississippi. Randy is the husband of Tricia and father to two girls, Kennedy and Audrey. For 15 years, he served in pastoral ministry at churches in rural Mississippi and Arkansas. He now resides in Texas, where he works full-time as SMF’s Program Administrator. Scripture memorization is a spiritual discipline that Randy loves to teach to others, especially children

Workshops from Dr. Randy Williamson (may vary by event location)

Busy But Not Barren: Developing Scripture Memory as a Life Habit

Everyone is busy, especially homeschool families. How can you make sure busyness does not turn into spiritual barrenness? Scripture memory! Bible memory is a powerful spiritual discipline that aids communion with the Lord. In this workshop, you’ll learn the basics of integrating Bible memory into a hectic schedule.


Lift Up What You Put In: Memorized Scripture for Parental Prayer

All of our prayer lives are works in progress, but parents can often struggle the most. Are the responsibilities of family and the distractions of technology hindering your interior life of prayer? In this workshop, learn how to reinvigorate your prayer life by praying memorized Scripture.