Dr. Jared Moore

Dr. Jared Moore serves in pastoral ministry. He has a PhD in systematic theology from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and cohosts The Pop Culture Coram Deo Podcast. Jared also served as second vice president of the Southern Baptist Convention. He coauthored The Pop Culture Parent. He and his wife, Amber, and their four children enjoy popular culture together.

Workshops from Dr. Jared Moore (may vary by event location)

Five Simple Questions for Parents to Engage Popular Culture

Even if Christian parents get the point of popular culture, how do we apply this truth in our families? How can we find the graces and idols in the stories and songs our kids love? Dr. Jared Moore, coauthor of The Pop Culture Parent (with Ted Turnau and E. Stephen Burnett) offers five simple questions to help us engage in this vital mission. With one or two examples from popular movies, we will explore this method as a starting point for conversations to help you discern your children’s hearts and direct them to worship our fantastic Savior.