Doug Smith

Doug offers an insider’s perspective on the power of technology, informed by over two decades of software development experience and a lifetime of Bible study. He also brings the practical experience of a homeschooling dad of four daughters and a man who has struggled, fallen, fought, and by the grace of God, overcome the power of screens.

As a software developer, Doug has served Fortune 500 companies, startups, universities, government agencies, and media personalities. He’s currently an Android-focused engineer with Covenant Eyes, the best company around in the battle against pornography.

Doug loves to help individuals and families break free from screen addiction so they can live out their God-given purpose. Whether in large venues, small groups or one-on-one, Doug is a trusted friend and mentor. He has successfully led men to overcome pornography and other addictions, improve their relationships, and experience freedom in Christ.

Doug and his wife, Lyneta, are empty nesters, and share four grown daughters. They were homeschoolers for many years. The Smiths currently live in their native Pacific Northwest.

Workshops from Doug Smith (may vary by event location)

Screens & Kids: A Counter-Cultural Path

All of their friends have a smartphone, so your child needs one too, right? Our culture has brainwashed us with this message, and the results are fairly devastating. Fortunately, we still have access to the “ancient paths, where the good way is” (Jeremiah 6:16). In this session, you’ll learn how to form an entirely different culture in your home, one that leads to healthy relationships, freedom from addictions, and inspires your kids to find and fulfill their God-given purpose.

Biblical Worldview & Culture, Discipleship, Growth, Health, Parenting, Technology

Winning The Battle With Addictive Screens

Tech industry leaders and content creators are using intentionally addictive strategies on every screen to keep us watching and wanting more. And that’s just the respectable apps, shows, and video games. When you add pornography, gambling, or compulsive shopping to the mix, enabled by the super computer in every pocket, we can see why more people are enslaved by their screens. Doug responds with hope and practical wisdom after finding freedom from pornography and other screen addictions through the power of God and the application of Biblical practices.

Biblical Worldview & Culture, Discipleship, For Men, For Women, Growth, Health, Technology, Wellness