Deven Vasko

Deven Draughon Vasko is a homeschool mom with over 17 years experience home educating her 5 wild Belarussian-American children ranging from a 19 yo graduate to a 5 yo kindergartener.

She is a graduate from the University of South Alabama & a retired missionary to the former Soviet Union. There she met & married Nicolai Vasko, a good looking Belarusian interpreter. Then, they settled down in the US, raised children & jumped into the exciting adventure of homeschooling.

With over 10 years consulting experience, Her passion is for bringing hope to and inspiring professionalism in mothers. She sees every mother as the essential element to the success of her home. You can find her at Homeschool House Calls.

Workshops from Deven Vasko (may vary by event location)

Becoming a Professional Home Educator

Your role as a home educator, in all its beautiful facets , is a high calling.  You are a professional, but what does this mean when we apply it in real life situations? Come join me as we dig a little deeper.

The Homeschool Mom’s Self-Care Plan

Self Care is vital to your success as a  Professional Home Educator Join me as we define: what it is; what it isn’t; and how to intentionally plan to include it as a part of your day.