Dr Deanna Cooner

Stones in Clay Publishing

Rogers, ARWaco, TX

Dr. Deanna Cooner started her story-telling career as an only child on the farm where imagination served as her playmates. Soon it grew into an activity to make a long school bus ride pleasant for the commuters. After college Dr. Cooner served as a newspaper features writer, and a freelance writer for all types of magazines. She has published four novels and is working on number five. Her heart's desire is to help first-time authors find their voice and a publishing platform. As a result she and her husband Gary, formed Stones in Clay Publishing for that purpose. Dr. Cooner is a biblical counselor focusing on the spiritual needs of young adults. She teaches adult Bible Study classes through Along Side You Ministries. She has taught Bible as History, How to Study Your Bible, Science, and Philosophy in homeschool co-ops. Dr. Cooner graduated from Trinity Theological Seminary in Newburgh, In with a PhD in Biblical Counseling and an ABD in Christian Publishing.

Dr Deanna Cooner

Workshops from Dr Deanna Cooner ( may vary by event location )

The Craft of Story Telling for Life Transformation

Creative Writing is not found in grammar and sentence structure though those are necessary for the process. Rather Creative Writing involves the art of story telling. This session will provide a hand-out to help the student and teacher through the process. It will provide assignments to develop creative writing skills. The session will be in four parts; a. 4 steps in creative writing b. Guiding the student c. Writing is re-writing. The evil necessity of creative writing is editing. d. The Publishing Process – Explanation of process and resources Stones in Clay will provide a handout the parent will be able to use as a teaching guide along with a check list for grading. The handout will include submission guidelines to Stones In Clay Publishing for parents to submit their student’s better work. All who attend this session will receive a coupon for a professional editing of one piece up to 5000 words.

Estrangement- 12 Letters that Spell Pain

Family Estrangement presents as a growing problem in Churched Christian families. A 1-hour session addresses the problem in four parts a. The basics of Christian family estrangement from both sides of the issue. b. Causes of Family estrangement c. It’s a spiritual problem. examination of the problem from a biblical perspective and instructions given in scripture. d. Q & A A published book of the same title available at booth for purchase. An outline will be given in the session. The program presents the biblical concept of estrangement from God and from God’s eternal family. The issue will be examined from both viewpoints, the one estranged and the one doing the estranging. The lecture will offer biblical insight to cause, coping with the pain and possible reconciliation.