Mr David Toussaint

Compass--Finances God's Way

Nashville, TN

As a successful businessman and real estate owner, David thought he had his career planned. But God! Through several God-shaped events in 1998, God helped he and his wife adopt two boys (ages 1 and 3) from Ukraine, and the same year led him into the "finances God's way" ministry. In 2004 and 2006, God sold his real estate properties and provided for him financially in a miraculous way.

For the past 20 years he has served on the ministry field staff for Crown Ministries, Crown Financial Ministries, and now Compass--Finances God's Way.

Mr David Toussaint

Workshops from Mr David Toussaint ( may vary by event location )

How to Train Kids to Manage Money (and Life) GOD's Way

Through stories we learn best. The Compass--Finances God's Way materials are full of stories making the point that God's ways work, and the world's ways do not. In this time, David will discuss specific materials Compass has, we will compare God's ways and the world's ways, in detail, to see which comes out better. We will also discuss different ways to train kids. In addition, we will have time to discuss how to maximize our options.