Daniel Beasley


Mobile, AL

Dan serves HSLDA member families and advocates for homeschooling in 13 states. He was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska, where he was homeschooled through high school and attended a local community college. He went on to earn a juris doctorate from Oak Brook College of Law and a master’s degree in applied biblical studies from Moody Bible Institute.

While in law school, Dan worked for HSLDA as a legal assistant to HSLDA Staff Attorney and Director of Global Outreach Michael Donnelly. After graduation, he returned to the Midwest and gained several years of experience practicing law at small consumer protection law firm in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He returned to HSLDA in 2015.

Dan and his wife Bethany (also a homeschool graduate and a photographer) are homeschooling their three children.

 Daniel Beasley

Workshops from Daniel Beasley ( may vary by event location )

The Growing Push for Homeschool Oversight: How Should Parents Respond?

The call for regulation of homeschooling across the nation is increasing. In this workshop, Dan will equip parents to identify, evaluate, and respond effectively to this growing push for homeschool oversight.

Threats to Homeschooling Right Now: How Should Parents Respond

Wondering about what threats to homeschooling are out there right now? In this session, Dan will identify current attacks on homeschooling and equip parents to effectively identify, evaluate, and stop them.

The Working Homeschool Dad

Dan is a homeschool graduate, advocate, and dad of four. He spends his days working on homeschool policy and advising homeschooling families, but his most important work is at home. In this interactive workshop, he’ll encourage the working dad to excel as a homeschooling dad.