Dana Blomberg

Dana Blomberg loves marriage to her beloved husband of 30 years, homeschooling veteran of 23 years, traveled on a conference production team for mom conferences for 5 years, and loves the atmosphere of encouragement provided at such events. Since their kids are now beyond their high school years, she currently is working as the Admissions Coordinator at Faith Baptist Bible College in Ankeny, Iowa

Workshops from Dana Blomberg (may vary by event location)

Am I Ready for them to Leave the Nest?

Homeschooling Mom’s potentially spend a couple of decades training, educating, counseling, feeding, and nurturing their children. In the midst of it all, it can be all consuming, and overwhelming. But when the last test is graded, the transcript finalized, the diploma signed and they are escorted off to their first year of college, it can often feel as though we have sent our very lifeblood with them. What do I do when my kitchen table is no longer filled with books and papers and my house is empty? Is my purpose in life over? Find some practical tips to rediscover God’s calling in your life.