Dakota & Laura Lynch

Dakota & Laura Lynch

Scripture Memory Fellowship

Dakota and Laura Lynch serve full-time at Scripture Memory Fellowship, promoting Scripture memorization and developing support tools. Dakota began memorizing in 9th grade after realizing Scripture memorization deserved prioritization in his life. Laura grew up memorizing in Awana, youth quizzing, and the National Bible Bee. Married in 2016, they now work together at SMF, Dakota as the IT & Communications Manager and Laura as the Office Manager. The Lynches reside in Mesquite, Texas, near Dallas.

Workshops from Dakota & Laura Lynch ( may vary by event location )

Songs in the Night

Indonesian teenager Aldi Adilang spent 49 days adrift at sea. With no paddle and little chance of survival, he was nearly overwhelmed by fear and depression. But instead of losing hope, Adilang was encouraged by one of his few remaining possessions: the Bible. When we feel lost at sea without a paddle and when “fear is on every side” (Psa. 31:13), we too can find strength and hope in the “exceedingly great and precious promises” of God’s Word (2 Pet. 1:4).

The Not-So-Secret Ingredient to Personal Evangelism

Sharing the Gospel is every Christian's calling. But for many of us, the mere mention of The Great Commission leaves us feeling ashamed by our own failure to fulfill it. We know we should do better, but where do we start? This workshops answers this question and many others as we consider valuable lessons in personal evangelism from the book of Jonah.

A Nail in Your Tire: The Hidden Enemy That’s Sabotaging Your Homeschool

Why did you choose to homeschool? If you're like most parents, it's to raise up your children "in the way they should go" (Prov. 22:6). But these efforts are undermined when things of moderate importance crowd out what is most important. Come hear how to lay a solid foundation for your homeschool and equip your children for lifelong success.

Tired of Power-Saver Mode? Charge Up for the Best Bible Memory Year Yet!

If you’ve struggled to keep Bible memorization consistent or feel discouraged by short retention of verses, take heart. Come charge up with tips and tools for your family's Bible memory. We’ll get ready together to make next year the BEST year yet of hiding God’s Word in the young hearts we treasure. Bonus: Every attendee leaves with a tips bookmark and a charge-up planner.

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"And thou shalt teach them diligently unto thy children,
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