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Colin has been pastoring churches for over 50 years, first in New Zealand, then Australia, and for over 25 years in USA. He ministers around the nation and internationally on godly Fatherhood and inspires men to rise up into their mantle of manhood and fatherhood in their homes, church, and nation. His wife is Nancy Campbell, Editress of Above Rubies, a magazine to bring strength and encouragement to the wives, mothers, and families of the world. Colin and Nancy (married for 54 years) have nine children, many grandchildren, and the great-grandchildren now coming along. He is the father of Serene and Pearl, authors of TRIM HEALTHY MAMA and Wes and Steve Campbell, managers of the NEWSBOYS.

 Colin Campbell

Workshops from Colin Campbell ( may vary by event location )

The Inestimable Value of the Christian Home

Who did God give your children to? Who is teaching your children? The state, the church, the daycare, or you? Is your home vacant between 8 am and 6 pm? Is homemaking a true career? Where are true Christian values meant to be taught? The state, the church, the neighbors, the peers of our children, the media, or by you in your home? Apart from the basics of your children’s curriculum, what character values are you teaching you children in your home right now? How much effort are you putting in to educating your children relating to godly character and values? Out of a scale of one to ten, where would you rate yourself as a father?

What is True Biblical Patriarchy?

Where can we find the answer to this important question of role modeling? 1. The 21st century world? 2. The 21st century church? 3. Our biological fathers? 4. Our friends and associates? Or what does the Bible say about patriarchal fatherhood? Will fatherhood happen naturally without any real effort on your part to be a good father?