Christopher Kaspar

Chris is the founder of Techless, an innovative tech startup that created Wisephone, a pure & simple phone for intentional people. Though Chris is an entrepreneur, healthy tech advocate, and startup founder, he wants to be remembered as a fun dad and loving husband.

Workshops from Christopher Kaspar (may vary by event location)

The Theology of Technology, A Brief Overview

“When Cain killed Abel, he ran to technology to fill the God-shaped hole in his life.
How can we apply transcendent truths to today’s choices regarding technology? Let’s dive into a topic that rarely hits the pulpit but is intensely relevant. Understand fundamental Biblical principles and guide your family’s vision for technology. Grow in awareness of some of the sneaky traps of technology that have numbed entire generations.
Take a step closer to uncovering God’s beautiful design for technology.”

Bible, Biblical Worldview & Culture

Phubbing 101 – How to use tech in a healthy way

“The world now sees how technology has damaged our families and relationships. Social media has lost its luster, but new techno superpowers pop up every day, drawing us to another shiny promise that will eventually reveal its dark side. We’re now aware of the problem, but nobody is talking about the solution.
What is phubbing? How can I love my kids without being a stick in the mud? How can we live out God’s design for technology? What are practical ideas to take a step closer to a healthier relationship with technology?”