Christine Zell

Christine is a homeschooling mom to four, wife to her high school sweetheart, and creator of Rabbit Trails Homeschool. You can usually find her with a cup of coffee in hand and a picture book (of four) in her purse. She enjoys creating community, both online and in her local area, to make sure that each homeschool family receives the support and encouragment they need.

Workshops from Christine Zell (may vary by event location)

Don’t just survive, thrive: Confessions of a hot mess homeschool mom

As homeschool moms, we can often feel discouraged. Are we doing enough? Are we choosing the right curriculum? Will our kids survive this?! You can be the very best “teacher” for your kids, even as a hot mess homeschool mom. Christine from Rabbit Trails Homeschool will talk about her own homeschooling journey and how she has seen her kids thrive, how God has led her through the ups and downs, and how you can be perfectly imperfect and still do an incredible work in your home.

Creating your very own unit study with ease

Unit studies can become some of the most fun lessons in your homeschool! They give you an opportunity to dig deep and get hands on. Get your thinking caps ready and come alongside Christine as you create a unit study together. She’ll show you how she goes down the Rabbit Trail to create a curriculum your children will be sure to love.