Mr Christian Dennett

Ezra Ministries

Christian Dennett grew up in England in a family that was dedicated to pioneering Christian education in the U.K. He is the devoted husband to Erika Dennett who has homeschooled their two sons for the past 7 years. Christian now lives in Northwest Arkansas where he runs Ezra Ministries with his brother-in-law Caleb Massey. Ezra Ministries is committed to teaching the principles of biblical interpretation to those who want to know how to study the Bible for themselves but cannot attend seminary. The Ezra Ministries team has co-written the book Interpreting the Bible: A 21st Century Introduction to 1st Century Methods and can be heard regularly on their podcast designed to demonstrate how the skills of Biblical interpretation work out in practical ways. Ezra Ministries also runs a retreat cabin for pastor, missionaries and Christian families in need of a place to pray, study or just relax. Christian earned a bachelor’s degree in Biblical Hermeneutics from Kings Evangelical Divinity School and is working to transfer that knowledge to homeschool students in a curriculum that prepares Christian teens to understand, interpret and apply the Bible for themselves. Join us as we take the journey to equip the next generation to be prepared to defend the faith and disciple others.

Mr Christian Dennett

Workshops from Mr Christian Dennett ( may vary by event location )

Called to Interpret - Tools of Biblical Interpretation for Students

The Bible, a. the basis for all we believe and do b. Is reading enough? c. Application without interpretation d. Interpretation a necessary step e. Young Christians need to know how to interpret f. Deuteronomy 6 and the foundation of all understanding