Cheryl Kischuk

Cheryl Kischuk is a biblical worldview teacher and a parenting cheerleader. She uses joy, humor, and storytelling to encourage parents. Her aim is to help parents realize the magnificent blessing and influence they have on the next generation. She resides in Atlanta, GA and is currently home educating her middle and elementary grade children. She has a Bachelor’s in Education and a Master’s in Christian Counseling. However, her most prestigious accolades are being called beloved daughter, wife, and mom.

Workshops from Cheryl Kischuk (may vary by event location)

Am I Doing Enough?

In this current culture, how do we combat the frustrating pitfalls, struggles, and lies that we, as parents, are not doing enough? Parents are burdened with the heavy responsibilities of equipping, educating, and discipling our children well intoa post-Christian era. 

In this session, you will learn the antidote to the apprehension surrounding curriculum decisions, co-op choices, and comparisons. With practical parenting and discipline tips, Cheryl will discuss where true success in home education comes from. We will focus on contentment in present circumstances and look expectantly towards the future God has designed for our families.  

Joy of the Lord is your Strength

The Winter Blues. A Mid-Year Slump. Seasonal Affective Disorder. Lack of Motivation. Whatever term you choose, you are not alone. During the second half of the school year, many educators, and students alike struggle to renew their vigor for educational rigor. 

Anxiety and Depression are on the rise in our culture and there are unique aspects of homeschooling that contribute to these issues. Cheryl is a homeschool mom with a Master’s degree in Professional Christian Counseling. She shares her personal struggle with worry and how she has found peace and joy along the way. She identifies several warning signs and gives you practical advice and resources to help you overcome this common battle. 

This session will build vision and life into your days. It will focus on where our sincere strength comes from to finish the school year well.