Charlotte Ellard

As a homeschooling mom of 12, Charlotte has been speaking for over 25 years on many aspects of homeschooling. Now the Coordinator of Homeschool Admission for Berry College, she holds a unique perspective on the college admission process as parent, high school counselor, teacher, and college admission counselor. She will be graduating her youngest child in May of 2021, ten years after the death of her husband, her heart is to continue mentoring younger moms, including the moms of her 10 grandkids, to wholeheartedly embrace where Jesus leads, even when it seems senseless. Candidly sharing lessons learned the hard way, Charlotte offers practical tools and how-to’s for marching from toddlerhood through high school in His grip.

Workshops from Charlotte Ellard (may vary by event location)

Homeschooling High School: Will They be Ready?

Soon to graduate their 12th child, Charlotte shares successes and failures in homeschooling high school. She not only has a seasoned parent’s perspective, but having been recruited by Berry College as Coordinator of Homeschool Admission she also has an admission counselor’s perspective. A year-by-year overview of how to approach homeschooling through high school, including transcripts, records, AP, Honors, dual enrollment, and scholarships.

Homeschool to College, Mom Encouragement

College Admissions and Scholarship Tips

Gems to glean from a veteran homeschooling family. With 10 homeschooled high school graduates that have gone to college on full scholarships to various schools( from large public universities to very small private Christian schools), Charlotte shares wisdom from experience on obtaining college scholarships. Expectations of college admissions departments and scholarship committees can be elusive. Knowing the right questions to ask is invaluable.

Homeschool to College

Managing the Multitudes: How Do You Do It All?!

Mother to 12 children, Charlotte offers encouragement and practical how-to’s the Ellard family has incorporated in their family life. From time savers to budget savers to teaching multiple ages simultaneously, our frame of mind (and heart) is the most important part of parenting.

Encouragement, Homeschool Organization, Parenting