Charla McKinley

Charla McKinley has over 25 years in both the corporate and private finance sectors. While homeschooling her children, Charla was inspired to write a fun & interactive curriculum that opens the student’s eyes to the high costs of being an adult. After retiring from homeschooling, Charla continues to write and teach teens across the country using her Beyond Personal Finance curriculum.

Workshops from Charla McKinley (may vary by event location)

Dollars & Sense

Our children will spend less than a quarter of their lives in our homes. As parents we have a narrow window to prepare them for the road ahead. We spend years teaching our children how to read, write and do mathematics, but how much time do we spend teaching them about money? As with any skill, our children need more than just lectures about money and learning by your example. Financial illiteracy has the power to cripple our children as they enter adulthood. What is keeping you from training your children in this key area? Would you like some tips and tricks to help you guide them? Join me, a homeschool mom, financial consultant and retired CPA, as we talk through how raise a fiscally responsible adult.

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