Cecelia Schmidt

The War Trilogy and The Biblical Model of Friendship

Nashville, TN

Cecelia is 20 years old and is a homeschool graduate. She completed her Associate's Degree through Dual Credit at home, and is currently enrolled in a Bachelor's degree program in English. She is also earning her certification through ACBC (Association of Certified Biblical Counselors) to become a certified biblical counselor.

Cecelia lives in New York with her parents and three younger siblings. She is also the published author of three books: The War Rages On, The War Within, and The War's End. She just published her newest project which is a booklet entitled, The Biblical Model of Friendship. A very helpful resource for anyone desiring to glorify God in their friendships.

In addition to writing Christian books, Cecelia also enjoys spending time with her family and friends, traveling, playing the piano, singing, baking, drinking anything with coffee in it, and making people laugh.

Review for Cecelia's first book, THE WAR RAGES ON:

“This is a beautiful story of love and courtship set against the backdrop of the hatred and bigotry of the Civil War. The recurrent themes of the grace and forgiveness of Christ are woven throughout with the characters modeling this in the midst of great persecution. In this timeless message Cecelia teaches us that hardship and tragedy are tools that our loving God uses to mold us as part of His perfect plan. I read the entire book in one sitting–it drew me in.”

– Lisa E, homeschool mom of seven.

 Cecelia Schmidt

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The Biblical Model of Friendship

Folk artists have sung about it, poets have written about it, and everyone is affected by it...friendship. Do you desire to be a better friend? To learn how to give biblical advice and not just the latest popular opinion? To forgive those who have hurt you and to trust God's sovereignty even when relationships don't go as planned? Join 20 year old published author and homeschool graduate, Cecelia Schmidt, as she unpacks the biblical truths about what it means to be a godly friend.