Cathryn Sterling Buse

Cathryn worked on the launch vehicle designs as a NASA engineer when God called her into ministry and full-time parenting. Having encountered much skepticism and doubt about Christianity from her engineering colleagues, Cathryn saw firsthand the importance of Christian apologetics and the ability to explain Christian truths in a reasoned and logical way. So she founded Defend the Faith Ministry, wrote her book, “Teaching Others to Defend Christianity”, and co-authored the Mama Bear Apologetics book in order to train up men, women, and children to be equipped in defending the truth of Christianity. Cathryn now homeschools her two children and teaches upper-level math courses at her homeschool group.

Workshops from Cathryn Sterling Buse (may vary by event location)

Apologetics at Every Age

It is more important than ever to raise children who can defend biblical truth in a world of unbiblical ideas. It is necessary not just so they can be effective witnesses to unbelievers, but also so their faith can withstand the skepticism the world will throw at them. This preparation must be a continual learning process throughout their schooling. But how do you teach apologetics at every age? Come find out how — it’s not as hard as you think!


How do we know there’s a God?

One of the biggest stumbling blocks unbelievers have with Christianity is over the question of whether God truly exists. It is important that you know how to answer that question, but how well can your children? Come learn how you can train them up to be equipped to answer questions like this.


Is Christianity really the only way to heaven?

Our society of religious pluralism says that all religions are equally valid. This can strongly influence our children to think they can believe whatever they want as long as they are sincere. How can we explain to our children that Christianity really is the only way to heaven?