Cathryn Buse

Defend the Faith Ministry

Nashville, TN

Cathryn Buse was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama and earned her Bachelor and Master Degrees in Industrial Engineering from the University of Alabama in Huntsville. She worked for nearly ten years in the engineering field supporting Department of Defense missile programs, commercial rocket manufacturing, and NASA design programs. Through her school and career, Cathryn encountered skepticism of religion in general and Christianity in particular. She realized firsthand the need for apologetics for the sake of her own faith and for her ability to witness to those skeptics. So she took it upon herself to study in-depth the truths and evidences for Christianity. Cathryn has since been passionate about bringing those truths to others, especially teenagers and young adults who are largely unprepared to face those challenges. Cathryn then founded Defend the Faith Ministry, wrote her first book, Teaching Others to Defend Christianity, and co-authored the Mama Bear Apologetics book. She spends her time writing articles and traveling through the region speaking and teaching at churches, schools, and small groups. Cathryn now resides in Decatur, Alabama with her husband, Kyle, and their two sons.

 Cathryn Buse

Workshops from Cathryn Buse ( may vary by event location )

Apologetics at Every Age

Cathryn will give practical tips and examples of how to incorporate apologetics into each academic discipline so that it can become an integral part of your homeschooling.