Cassandra DeLeon

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Columbus, OH

God reached down in love and rescued Cassandra from her sin at the age of 21: changing her life, purpose, and focus forever. Married for 24 years to Michael, she has served alongside him at Lighthouse Baptist Church—for 17 years--She is passionate about her children having a Biblical worldview in every subject and Is absolutely convinced that the living Gospel shows her children that the answer for their hearts is Jesus!

Since 2006, She has chosen to use BJU Press Homeschool because this curriculum compliments her spiritual goals for her children.

 Cassandra DeLeon

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Is Jesus on Your Lesson Plan?

Do you consult THE Teachers edition every day for your life or your children’s lives? Putting Jesus on your lessons plans is broader than just your Curriculum—His teachers edition is the driving force behind every emotion, decision and action in our lives.