Carla Clements

Visual Story Bible Ministries

Carla Joy Clements has a hunger for the Word of God and to know Him more. While attending seminary and pursing her passion for the Word, Carla became very interested in Chronological Bible Storying. With God's help and the support of friends, she designed and created "Bible Stories of Appointed Times"a visual story bible. Carla says, "Telling His Story is My Mission, Teaching His Appointed Times is My Passion, Proclaiming God's Ways & Giving Him Glory is My Goal!"

 Carla Clements

Workshops from Carla Clements ( may vary by event location )

Children Experiencing the Lord's Passover

Passover: An Appointed Time on God's Biblical Calendar and a night to remember. Experience the retelling (Exodus 1-15) highlighting Yeshua (Jesus) as the "Lamb of God". Interactive Workshop includes details to help you & your children prepare a family Passover Seder in your home - Tasting, Telling, Smelling, Seeing, Family Drama & Songs.


Biblestorying is one of the most exciting ways to teach. It's a fun interactive way to learn God's Word. The whole family can get involved. Visual Story Bible series includes a Multi-Sensory 1-yr Bible Curriculum that's highly effective for Visual & Kinesthetic learners. Hands-on activities encourage children to experience and remember each Bible story with Drama, Visual Arts, Color Sheets, Crafts, Songs, Auditory Learning, Sewing and more.