Mr Caleb Massey

Ezra Ministries

Caleb Massey grew up on the open plains of Kansas and married his English wife Sophie with whom he spent several years in missions. He obtained a Theology degree with an emphasis on Biblical Hermeneutics from King’s Evangelical Divinity School in the UK while also becoming a qualified journeyman electrician. He is cofounder of Ezra Ministries with Christian Dennett and together they have written the book Interpreting the Bible: A 21st Century Introduction to 1st Century Methods. Ezra Ministries is committed to guiding people into gaining the skills of Biblical interpretation as well as providing a retreat cabin for those in full time ministry in need of rest and spiritual renewal. Caleb can be heard regularly on the Ezra Ministries Podcast and with his wife homeschools their four children in Northwest Arkansas.

Mr Caleb Massey

Workshops from Mr Caleb Massey ( may vary by event location )

Called to Interpret - Tools of Biblical Interpretation for Students

The Bible, a. the basis for all we believe and do b. Is reading enough? c. Application without interpretation d. Interpretation a necessary step e. Young Christians need to know how to interpret f. Deuteronomy 6 and the foundation of all understanding