Bryan Davis

Bryan Davis is the author of several faith-based fantasy/adventure series for youth and adults. Many of his books have been bestsellers and some have been included in established homeschool curricula. He and his wife, Susie, homeschooled their seven children through high school. They are now an author/editor team and are exhibitors at homeschool conventions across the country.

Workshops from Bryan Davis (may vary by event location)

Fantasy and the Reader’s Heart

I explore how fantasy literature affects the hearts and minds of readers and how Christian worldview fantasy can build spiritual qualities in a positive way. I also provide warnings about how dark fantasy can be detrimental and how to tell the difference between faith-building fantasy and fantasy that tears faith down.

Biblical Worldview & Culture, Language Arts, Parenting, Reading / Phonics

How to Write a Hero’s Journey Story

This is a writing workshop in which I describe the nuts and bolts of building a hero’s journey story, which is the most popular story structure for young readers and writers. I give examples from currently published novels and analyze why these stories work. I also have an interactive time with the audience to start a story of our own. This can be a single workshop or expanded to multiple parts for more in depth teaching.

Language Arts, Writing