Brian Tanedo

Brian Tanedo has worked over 10 years in college admissions and recruitment, both at Word of Life Bible Institute and Cedarville University. He is currently serving as the Dean of Enrollment for Word of Life for their New York and Florida campuses.

Workshops from Brian Tanedo (may vary by event location)

Thinking of taking a Gap Year?

For years, you’ve instilled biblical values and guided your children through life. Now, as they prepare to leave your home, you can trust us to do the same.
The Word of Life Bible Institute is an accredited, collegiate-level program where students spend one to two years studying the Bible and living in a safe, godly community where the biblical foundation you laid is strengthened for life.
Plus, with college credits that transfer to dozens of top Christian universities, the Bible Institute is the perfect way to get a head start on whatever their future holds.

A Seamless Transition

We believe that a true education must be holistic. That’s why Word of Life tailors its programs to emphasize personal spiritual growth, discipleship, and local and international ministry as much as we emphasize traditional Bible and theology classes. Our program is an immersive experience where students study the Bible, live in Christian community, and serve in ministry, preparing them for a life of service to God.
Many students go to college to learn how to make a living. Here at Word of Life Bible Institute, we teach them how to live.