Brian O'Rear

Live Well, Live Wisely

Columbus, OH

Brian is an elder in their small church, a successful entrepreneur, and a sought-after speaker. Eight years ago, he started a business from scratch and developed it into the largest home inspection company in Louisville, Kentucky. His company was the #1 franchise in the country in 2015, 2016, & 2017. Brian spent a full career in the Air Force as a pilot and retired from active duty in 2009 to settle in Kentucky with his family.

Brian and his wife Valerie have each had several successful entrepreneurial ventures while homeschooling their three children since birth. They will soon graduate their second from high school.

Their sons have established several businesses providing thousands of dollars for their college funds & seed money for future business ventures. Their latest, 10/40 Entrepreneurship Academy, is an online course designed to help people start and grow their own business.

Come hear what Brian has learned and how to succeed while caring for your family and others.

 Brian O'Rear