Brandy Champeau

Having survived homelessness, domestic abuse, pregnancy induced heart failure and devastating natural disasters, Brandy Champeau knows how to rise up from the ashes. She has not only survived, but is now living her best expression. Brandy, a single mother of three children, including one with special needs, is an author, speaker and curriculum developer. She is also the co-founder of Exploring Expression, a company that provides products, services and publishing in support of a learning lifestyle. Through Exploring Expression, Brandy helps parents and educators become the best expression of themselves so that they can make learning fun, easy and natural not just for their children but for themselves.

Workshops from Brandy Champeau (may vary by event location)

Maximizing your Effectiveness: Making the Most of your Time

Sometimes there is just not enough hours in the day — not enough for you to complete all you have to do, let alone work toward your dreams and goals. It takes more than just hope to turn a dream into reality. In this session, I will show how you can make the jump from dreaming to doing by being more intentional with everyday activities. You will leave with concrete tips and tricks that you can implement right away to begin maximizing your effectiveness so that you can do the things that you need to do AND the things that you want to do without feeling overworked and overwhelmed.

Getting Started, Homeschool Organization, Parenting

Unit Studies: How to use what your child WANTS to learn to teach what they NEED to learn.

Every child has a passion. Maybe its horses, dragons or Minecraft. This workshop will show you the steps I take to turn a single book, topic, or passion and craft a multi subject unit study. I will give you an actionable strategy for how to leverage you child’s individual interests to make their learning adventures more fun, easy and natural.

For Men, For Women, Getting Started, Homeschool Organization, Other Academics

The Lost Art of Listening

When was the last time you really felt listened to? More importantly, when was the last time you listened, truly listened, to someone else. We cannot truly be good learners without being listeners first. It’s the art of listening that connects us to the people around us and helps us build relationships.

In this presentation I talk about how to nurture that skill and lost art of listening within yourself so that you can foster healthier relationships with the people in your life. You will leave with a deeper understanding of your dominant listening style and the why behind your how’s of listening. I will give you actionable strategies that will you enable you to become a better listener so that you can have better relationships.

Encouragement, For Men, For Women, Growth, Parenting