Brandi McIntosh

In the Stillness

Rogers, ARWaco, TXDenver, CO

Brandi McIntosh lives in the hills of central Texas with her husband, Dan, and their four kids ranging from 4-18 years old. The slow, intentional life suits her just fine, a life in which there is time to linger over each meal together, read aloud another chapter, connect to and support each heart under her roof, take long walks, and encourage mamas to live wholeheartedly.
Brandi longs to inspire mamas to boldly create their own unique family culture, and to feel empowered to keep their children's and teens' hearts.

 Brandi McIntosh

Workshops from Brandi McIntosh ( may vary by event location )

Creating an Intentional Family Culture

Are you ready to break free from the hurry and see your household transformed as the frustration and common behavior issues lessen? It's remarkable what happens when we confidently cut out the excess in our lives so that space can be made for what matters most. Brandi will share how she and Dan have come to make decisions in their family, and about the rhythms they've put in place so that what is most important naturally takes place.

Keeping Our Children's and Teens' Hearts

It's possible that there's never been a tougher time to maintain a connection to our child's and teen's heart. Screens, discipline issues, distractions, a yelling parent, overloaded schedules, and even an excessive amount of time with their friends can hinder our relationship with our kids and teens. Brandi will share practically how they make it work, and discuss the keys to trusting, close relationships with our children and teens.