Brandi McIntosh

Brandi McIntosh lives in the hills of central Texas with her husband, Dan, and their four kids, ages ranging from 5-19 years old. The slow, intentional life suits her just fine, a life in which there is time to linger over each meal, read aloud another chapter, connect to and support each heart under her roof, take long walks, and encourage mamas to live wholeheartedly.
Brandi longs to inspire parents to boldly create their unique family culture and to feel empowered to hold their children’s and teen’s hearts.

Workshops from Brandi McIntosh (may vary by event location)

The Life Giving Homeschool

Brandi McIntosh shares from their experiences and lessons learned from 12 years of home education and 19 years of parenting. A cozy atmosphere, living simply, learning through rich literature and nature when possible, a focus on relationships, a predictable rhythm, healthy boundaries, flexibility, a mama who knows how to take care of her own needs. Brandi will share practically how these factors contribute to a wondrous and life giving education in their home.

Biblical Worldview & Culture, Discipleship, Early Childhood, Encouragement, Growth, History, Homeschool Organization, Mom Encouragement, Parenting, Relationships, Technology, Wellness