Bob Lepine

Family Life

Nashville, TN

Bob will be interviewing Nancy and Robert Wolgemuth during the keynote session. Bob will not be speaking any other sessions.

 Bob Lepine

Workshops from Bob Lepine ( may vary by event location )

You Can Trust God to Write Your Story!

Who doesn't love a good story? God is the master Storyteller. He’s writing your story and it’s a part of His bigger, grander, eternal Story. But we’re still in the middle; we haven’t gotten to the happy ending yet, and it can be hard to trust Him in the thick of our struggles. Drawing on Scripture, as well as their own story and real-life stories of others, Robert and Nancy, along with facilitator Bob Lepine, will encourage you with the faithfulness and trustworthiness of God. Discover why you really can trust God to write your story--as well as the story of those you love--no matter what plot twists you may encounter along the way.