Beverly Jacobson

Beverly Jacobson is an Air Force wife and homeschooling mother of 9, the youngest of whom is a miracle girl with a life-limiting condition. Having homeschooled through military moves, miscarriages, deployments, and depression, Beverly knows what it takes to homeschool for the long haul. She runs a non-profit ministry and coaches homeschool moms in teaching biblical truth to the next generation.

Workshops from Beverly Jacobson (may vary by event location)

Homeschooling for the Long Haul: How to survive, sustain, and succeed in your homeschool journey

This session helps audience members focus on the WHY behind their personal decision to homeschool. Laying a strong foundation for the mission of homeschooling helps families sustain for the long haul, no matter what unexpected circumstances come their way. Practical applications include how to homeschool when you’re in survival mode; how to avoid burnout; and how to (truly) measure success in this journey.

Bible, Discipleship

Mission-Driven Homeschooling: Set up your homeschool mission, vision, and values to help you sustain for the long haul

When we see the eternal picture, we are less likely to get distracted by the temporal. This interactive workshop helps audience members define (or refine!) their mission for homeschooling. Parents will receive practical tools to help them create their own mission and vision statements plus a list of family values, all of which will help them persevere to homeschool for the long haul. This is a great session for those new to homeschooling, but it is also designed to encourage those who feel they need a “fresh start” when burnout or discouragement starts to set in.

Bible, Discipleship