Ariel Tyson

Author, Instagram Content Creator @arielctyson, and Homeschool Educator

Nashville, TNRogers, AR

Ariel is a homeschool mom to 5 boys 8 and under with a 6th baby on the way, due to arrive in May. Homeschooled herself from first grade until graduation, she loves sharing her personal story with homeschooling along with her current journey homeschooling and raising 5 boys in Montana.

Originally from the east coast, but married to a church planting pastor and now living in Bozeman, Montana, her faith journey plays a major role in her day to day living, work, and ministry.

Author of Chase the Roar: Becoming Faith Chasers in an American Dream Culture, speaker, social media content creator over at @arielctyson on Instagram, church planting pastor's wife, Liberty University online counseling professor, wellness business owner, and kids ministry director, she uses the motto "What's most important right now?" to handle the joyful chaos that surrounds her on a daily basis.

Ariel loves sharing her heart for all of the passions in her life openly and honestly and wants you to know that you are not alone in the struggle, but that you were created to do things far beyond what you could ever imagine in both your family's life and in your community.

 Ariel Tyson

Workshops from Ariel Tyson ( may vary by event location )

Snow Filled Pits and Chasing the Roar: Being a Family on Mission in your City

All around me, I witness and I am asked the question, "How can I give my family the gift of the American dream?" We all think that, by giving this to our families, we're giving them the greatest gift in life, but, in this session, we're going to combat this by discussing why a faith filled life and a family on mission is the most important tool you can offer your children upon graduation and how you can begin implementing this in your homeschooling journey in a much more vast and deep way. Have you been scared to make the big faith moves God has placed on your heart for your family? In this session, we will flesh out discerning what the call of God is in your life and your family's life, learn how to include kids in the faith journey, and make big faith decisions more simple.

Prepared Heroes Move the World

Do you feel stuck in the day to day monotony of homeschooling and training within the home? Do you feel like there must be something bigger and better you can be teaching your kids or a better way to prepare them for their adult lives? We can often forget about the value of a training ground outside of the home. In this session, we'll discuss how to get our entire families involved in the local church, how to live out each of our gifts within that setting, and then how to take that knowledge and training into their future lives as they combat the lies of the enemy. I will practically show you how I put this into practice in my daily life with my own children, with my career, and as a leader in my community.

Cause the Ripple

Did you have a significant mentor in your life growing up? Do you now? Do your kids? In this session, we will discuss the need for both us, as parents, and for our children to have a solid Christian mentor, or more than one, in our lives, how we should live out being a mentor even in the midst of our busy lives, and how to find both types of relationships.

Working Homeschool Moms

Do you work and also homeschool? Do you work and want to homeschool, but don't see how it's possible? Do you homeschool, but also want or need to work for some extra income? In this session, we'll be chatting about the ways it's possible to combine the two areas of our lives in a healthy and successful way. And we'll go over some tools to use to help you be effective and not overwhelmed while doing both!