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Antoinette LaGrossa lives in Pennsylvania with her five children and husband of twenty-two years. In 2004, after experiencing her son’s frustration with other programs, Antoinette witnessed first-hand the amazing success and enjoyment multi-sensory ShillerLearning brings to students who struggle with math. She immediately joined the ShillerLearning team and for fifteen years has helped thousands of fellow homeschool families find math and language arts solutions. LaGrossa has hosted numerous webinars and convention workshops.

 Antoinette LaGrossa

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Montessori in the Homeschool

Montessori is a unique educational approach that nurtures a child’s intrinsic desire to learn. It's perfect for children of any age or ability. The personalized learning focuses on the whole child and advancing his or her development. Now it is easier than ever to bring this proven method into your homeschool! Discover the power of the Three Period Lesson, multi-sensory teaching, and the importance of presenting concepts in the concrete before moving the child to the abstract thinking. Introducing Montessori methods as early as possible puts a child on the right path to becoming a confident, self-motivated learner.

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Teaching Homeschool Math

Are you just starting to homeschool and want to make sure your child actually enjoys math? Seeing math frustration in your older child and want to change course? These tips can help you dodge mistakes most people unwittingly make when teaching math and put you on the path to true math understanding and success with easy-to-implement techniques. Create an environment for your child to learn - and love - math!

How to Help Your Child Fall in Love with Reading, Writing, and Grammar

Language development is a key part of Montessori education. Learning to read, often quite early, draws many parents to the Montessori method. The multi-sensory approach is also a powerful support for learners with special needs. Now it is easier than ever to bring this proven method into your homeschool! Discover the secrets of the movable alphabet, sensory tracing, hands on grammar symbols, and more. These Montessori materials will leave your child asking for more.

Six Magic Phrases That Will Transform Your Homeschool: Overlooked Strategies and Tactics That Will Have You Say, "Why di

Did you know that the way you phrase things can change your child's whole outlook on the day? Use Montessori’s powerful techniques to make the most of both verbal and nonverbal communication with your child. Set the stage for your child to become a principled, self-directed learner who takes ownership of their actions and decisions, making the homeschool environment more enjoyable for the whole family.