Anna Goodwyn

Anna is a second generation homeschooler, married 22 years to the boy next door and has graduated 2 of their 6 children. Anna helps moms grow and thrive right where they are by being sensitive to the current season, giving simple steps to create healthy patterns and restore order in the home. Anna shares actionable steps and encouragement on her YouTube Channel, Just Makin It Work.

Workshops from Anna Goodwyn (may vary by event location)

What if I’m inadequate to teach my children?

When we answer the call to homeschool we can be met with the feeling that we are inadequate. We are going to identify where this idea comes from and what the Bible has to say. This also includes ideas for when we hit brick walls in specific subjects by giving creative ways to stay the course.

Biblical Worldview & Culture

How to Navigate a Homeschool Day and Survive

Let’s be honest, as amazing as homeschooling is, it definitely comes with some challenges. When we are juggling much and spinning all those plates, we can reach burnout and become overwhelmed, which isn’t sustainable. I am sharing ideas to create a sustainable homeschool family life. These ideas are to encourage the homeschool momma heart while giving actionable steps that can be easily implemented.

Brain Organization