Andy Daniell, Ph.D.

Andy is the Sr. Minister at a church outside of Atlanta, Georgia. He is the author of the book Clear Vision: How The Bible Teaches Us To View The World. The book explains how the Bible authenticates itself as the word of God and how to use scripture as a lens to understand and interact with the modern world.

Workshops from Andy Daniell, Ph.D. (may vary by event location)

The Importance of a Biblical Worldview

The Bible warns us not to be taken captive by empty philosophy, human wisdom or tradition.  Instead, believers should build their understanding of themselves and how they are to interact with the world around them from the Bible.  To facilitate this the Bible provides a way for us to authenticate it as God’s word and it provides the framework through which we are to interact with the (modern) world around us.    Every Christian benefits from exploring these elements of their faith.

Building on this knowledge of how the Bible describes God, man, nature and society helps us navigate issues from politics and economics to science and medicine through various social and cultural challenges.  This session will help participants understand:

-Why we should build our worldview from the Bible

-The approach to building a worldview from the Bible

-Important elements of a biblical worldview



The Foundations of Biblical Parenting

Many Christians consider parenting the most important job they will ever have and the surest way they can make a lasting impact on the Kingdom.  Given this significance, it is crucial that people of faith not allow cultural trends, pop psychology or plain old bad habits to creep in unchallenged.  To mitigate this, one should keep themselves familiar with the biblical guidelines for parenting.

As with all forms of Bible study, what the Bible says about parenting should be readdressed on a consistent basis.  This session will focus on:

-An important biblical point about children and one about parents

-Five action items for parents

-And included in those action items, two of the biggest mistakes parents can make