Amanda Butler

After a nearly decade-long career in semiconductor process engineering (a.k.a. playing with electrons), Amanda Butler stumbled into her true vocation while teaching at her church’s Vacation Bible School. Teaching became her passion. Since making the transition from electrons to students, she has taught in various capacities including public school, private school, private tutoring, and homeschooling. After discovering Classical Conversations during a dinner party in 2008, the Butlers have made Classical Conversations the core of their homeschool. Amanda now serves homeschooling families worldwide as the Director of Training and Support for Classical Conversations and serves homeschooling families locally as a Challenge IV tutor for five amazing young men. One of Amanda’s favorite things about classical, Christian homeschooling is that parents and students are rightly recognized as image-bearers of God and accordingly encouraged and equipped to better know God, themselves, and the world around them via ongoing conversations with one another. Her personal motto is: “Empower, encourage, and equip parents and students for the purpose of impacting the world for God’s glory.” Amanda and her husband, Ryan, reside in Round Rock, TX with their two children Emily and Isaac. 

Workshops from Amanda Butler (may vary by event location)

Why you need to know history in a changing landscape of politics

How do cultural norms change when its citizens forgot their culture’s history? When a nation’s people abandon their historical past, that nation begins to fall apart. However, not all hope is lost. By remembering history and resuming cultural norms forgotten to the past, there is always hope for a brighter future. Come listen to how you can make that future a reality with your children.

Classical Education, Encouragement, History