Aimee Smith

Rest in the Trench Ministry

Atlanta, GAMobile, AL

Aimee Smith is a second-generation homeschool momma of four and author of "The Restful Homeschool Resolution: 21 Days to Transform Your Homeschool". She and her husband Aron live in Alabama with their four children (ages 10-16) and enjoy hiking, camping, swimming, and reading together. Their family enjoys serving together through Aimee’s leadership in their local homeschool community.

Their homeschool story could be chronicled by the persistent struggles and battles of life, including a decade-long battle with Aimee’s autoimmune disease. However, they choose to focus on God’s redemption of each trial as part of their family’s education. Through tenacious worship, Aimee is learning to live in victorious rest. Join her at for encouragement to cultivate victorious rest in the midst of your homeschool days.

 Aimee Smith

Workshops from Aimee Smith ( may vary by event location )

Homeschooling Through Life's Disruptions

You know your homeschool purpose; you chose an excellent curriculum; your lessons plans are ready to go. Then reality hits. Day after day, the struggle continues. Chronic illness, short-term illness, grief, pregnancy, car and house repairs, caring for elderly, depression/anxiety, and much more. How can you continue to homeschool when so many disruptions stand in your way? How can you cope with constantly being behind in academics? Is homeschooling really best considering your life circumstances? Take hope! Homeschooling is still possible! Come learn how to persevere through the hard days. You might struggle to merely survive, but the disruptions can actually help your homeschool thrive!

I'm Not Patient Enough to Homeschool

"You must have your hands full." "I could never do that." "I’m not patient enough to homeschool." These common responses to homeschool moms reveal a myth that patience is a prerequisite qualification to choose home education. Thankfully, perfect patience is not required. Frustration, impatience, and even anger are common among moms who have accepted the task of educating the next generation. However, they have a beautiful opportunity to give their children a model of identifying triggers, receiving grace, and restoring relationships. By seizing this opportunity, moms can use their impatience to enhance rather than hinder their family’s homeschool.

Reclaiming Joy by Cultivating Family Conversations

Do the conversations in your homeschool day lead to joy in learning together? You began your homeschool journey with a desire to talk with your children as you sit at home, walk by the way, lie down, and rise up. As your journey progresses, you might find the conversations are not quite as beautiful as you dreamed. Fussing and complaining abound. Talking at your children replaces talking with them. You realize the joy is gone from your family. Parents, you can guide the conversations in your family so that learning occurs without feeling like school. You can promote a joyful environment in your home. Come learn about obstacles to overcome while fostering intentional discussions, practical tools to adopt for asking purposeful questions, and habits to build for cultivating fruitful conversations so you can reclaim joy in your homeschool.