Adrienne Vanderveer


Adrienne Vanderveer has been leading and teaching children in some capacity since her own childhood. She delights in using art and literature-based enrichment activities to reinforce concepts being taught and to encourage students? development of individual creative expression. Her passion is teaching: sharing with others in creative ways the things that stimulate us to bring glory to God. She began her homeschooling journey in 2007 as her oldest child entered fifth grade. She is a native Virginia ?gal? and resides there in her childhood home with her husband, three children and a revolving door of creatures great and small.

 Adrienne Vanderveer

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But Mom, They're Just a Bunch of Dead People!

Memorizing dates, reciting facts, listing events, and labeling geographical features - Is it any wonder that so many students view history as bland, boring and irrelevant? "They're just a bunch of dead people; it doesn't affect my life." How can we give history CPR to help students become excited about civilizations and cultures, to discover people and places, to wrestle with the rising and falling of nations, and to be inspired by men and women, perhaps not so different from themselves, who have influenced the ways we live every day? Pull up a chair and spend some time with Adrienne Vanderveer, representing BiblioPlan, as she shares the importance of studying history classically and offers mom lots of creative and practical ways to breathe LIFE back into history.