Adelaide Olguin

Adelaide Olguin will help you create a homeschool experience that makes your heartbeat with excitement, has your kids going on and on about what they’re learning, and silences the doubters, including that little voice in your head, whispering that you aren’t enough to homeschool your kids.

She wants your homeschool to be better than any other option out there. Language immersion program. Check. Traveling the world while you homeschool. Check. Focusing on what will actually help your child to be a successful adult. Double check.

She is the creator of TalkBox.Mom, which has families talking in a foreign language the same day they start, and the host of the podcast the Foreign Language and Travel Homeschool. But the most important part of her day is homeschooling her boys.

Workshops from Adelaide Olguin (may vary by event location)

Create a LANGUAGE IMMERSION Homeschool—even if You Only Know English!

Want a foreign language to be a part of your homeschool? But your family is either stuck learning vocab words instead of immersing yourself in the language by talking in it together or the whole idea of learning a foreign language is super overwhelming? I grew up monolingual and learned to conjugate verbs in high school Spanish but could barely put a sentence together without loads of anxiety. Now, my family has learned multiple languages together and have transformed our homeschool day into a full immersion experience.

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A Step-By-Step Plan for Creating Educational Vacations that your Kids don’t Hate or Forget

Want to bring your homeschooling alive by experiencing what you’re learning? But you’re worried the trip will be a waste of time and money because your kids won’t remember it like you want them to! Totally get it! After many years of traveling to foreign countries and around the United States, my kids are experts on the geography, history, culture, and language of places we travel. In this workshop, I’ll give you a step by step plan for getting your kids invested in your trip, helping them take ownership of what they’re learning, and documenting your trip after you get back in a way that has your kids remembering the academic goldmine you curated for them in your travels… instead of remembering that one restaurant you made them eat at and hated.

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What If You Could Use your Time in High School to Actually Learn a Foreign Language that Will Help You Become a Way More Successful Adult?

Does your teen roll their eyes at the thought of having to learn a foriegn language in order to graduate high school? I remember not being as excited about learning Spanish in high school as I was about making sure I got an A in class- even though I wasn’t actually speaking Spanish! I didn’t understand at the time that really speaking a foreign language can create a quality resume to start work, internships, or amazing college experiences that are only given to those that do this one thing. In this session, I’ll show you step by step how you can create a language immersion homeschool that will have your teen ready to actually use their foriegn language in the real world.

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The Perfectionist in the Room

Do you feel like it’s impossible to not be a homeschooling perfectionist even though you see how it’s ruining your kid’s educational experience? If you’re stuck on making sure you have “checked every box or else!” no judgement! As a constantly recovering perfectionist, I know exactly how damaging this can be. I’ve learned how to shift from a perfectionist to a high achiever, which completely changes the tone of our homeschool. In this session, I’ll help you shift your mindset, so you can shift your homeschool–instead of constantly running into friction and unmet expectations.

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