Adelaide Olguin

Adelaide Olguin will help you create a homeschool experience that makes your heartbeat with excitement, has your kids going on and on about what they’re learning, and silences the doubters, including that little voice in your head, whispering that you aren’t enough to homeschool your kids.

She is the creator of TalkBox.Mom, which has families talking in a foreign language the same day they start.

Workshops from Adelaide Olguin (may vary by event location)

Create a LANGUAGE IMMERSION Homeschool—even if You Only Know English!

Want a foreign language to be a part of your homeschool? But your family is either stuck learning vocab words instead of immersing yourself in the language by talking in it together or the whole idea of learning a foreign language is super overwhelming? I grew up monolingual and learned to conjugate verbs in high school Spanish but could barely put a sentence together without loads of anxiety. Now, my family has learned multiple languages together and have transformed our homeschool day into a full immersion experience.

Other Academics

Leave the Schoolroom. Travel the World.

Want to bring your homeschooling alive by experiencing what you’re learning? Then do it! Whether you have one child or twenty, I’ll show you how we got hundreds of free flights, negotiated Airbnbs or got free hotels, and created unforgettable homeschooling moments on three different continents. You’ll get all the resources and strategies to make this a safe and fun reality for your family in this workshop. Yes, this is perfect whether you want to travel throughout your state, the States, or the world!