Abbie Halberstadt

Abbie is a happy wife, homeschooling mama to ten, author, speaker, business owner, fitness instructor, longtime blogger, and reigning family Nertz champion. She lives by the motto “hard is not the same thing as bad,” but she also lives by the motto that naps are life (no coffee for her, thanks!). 

Abbie, her husband Shaun, and their double handful of kids live in the Piney Wood of East Texas. 

Workshops from Abbie Halberstadt (may vary by event location)

M Is for Mama: A Rebellion Against Mediocre Motherhood

Being a mother is a high and holy calling but one that secular culture often views with indifference at best and downright disdain at worst. Finding our identity in Christ first is crucial to discovering who we are to be as mothers in a world that often champions mediocrity, mockery, and messes as the ultimate standards of relatability and “real life.” We know Christ calls us to more, and He asks us to lean, not on our own skills or strength, but on the Everlasting Arms of a good God who knows exactly how hard (but worth it!) this mothering gig is.

Hard Is Not the Same Thing as Bad

When the going gets tough, it’s time to get going…far away from the hardship and stress. That’s how the saying goes, right? Nope! The Bible makes it clear that in this world, we will have trouble, but Christ has already overcome it! So often, the challenges we face as Christian wives, mamas, and educators are the very things that stretch us to new maturity in Christ and help us to grow in resourcefulness as we mother and teach well. And that is definitely not a bad thing!

You Bet Your Stretch Marks!

Is all of the effort we expend as wives, moms, and educators really worth it in the long run? As a second generation homeschooler who has chosen to homeschool my own ten children, I am declaring confidently, “You bet your stretch marks, it is!” Everyone from Aunt Mildred to our neighbor to our pastor (eek!) might tell us we could spend our time so much more profitably if we would simply allow others to school our children. But the Bible makes it so clear that, regardless of the lack of dollar signs attached to the profession of home educator, nothing could return more eternal profit than the investment that is obeying Deuteronomy 6 to teach God’s Word and precepts to our children day in and day out. It is worth every stretch mark on our bodies…and our souls.