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Beyond the fellowship, renewal, and encouragement, Teach Them Diligently Homeschool Conventions are also known for great speakers. When we talk about a waterfall of encouragement, this is what we are talking about. Be prepared!! There will be more great speakers at a Teach Them Diligently event than you can hear. Each hour, you will be privileged to hear some of the best speakers addressing families in the country. So start in prayer, and you are sure to be revived and refreshed by the great group of speakers at Teach Them Diligently this year. There is something for everyone.

* please note that speakers may vary by location

In 2016, our conventions will take place in Nashville, TN ( N ), Atlanta, GA ( A ), and Sandusky, OH ( S ). Our speaker information will be updated regularly and we wanted to give you a sneak peek at some of the awesome ladies and gentlemen already on the list! God has brought together so many great speakers that 2016 is guaranteed to be AMAZING!


Andrew Pudewa
Ann Dunagan
Austin Lake
Becky Muldrow
Bill Potter
Brett Vaden
Carisa Hinson
Carla Clements
Catherine Zoller
Chris Burkett
Chuck Black
Dale Owens
David Benham
Dennis Gundersen
Dr. Paul Cates
Eujeana Chism
Geoffrey Botkin
Heather Laurie
Heather Underhill
Israel Wayne
Jan Bedell
Jason Benham
Jeannie Fulbright
Jen Reyneri
Joanne Miller
John Bryant
Jolanthe Erb
Jon Dunagan
Jordyn Coffin
Julia Nalle
Karen DeBeus
Karen Johnson
Kathy Balman
Ken Ham
Kendra Fletcher
Kevin Novak
Kim Sorgius
Kirk Cameron
Lainna Callentine
Linda Hawkins
Linda Kane
Linda Lacour Hobar
Lorel Garcia
Luke Gilkerson
Mark Chism
Mark Hamby
Marla Cilley -  The FlyLady
Mary Harrington
Matt Whitling
Megan Scheibner
N.D. (Nate) Wilson
Norm Wakefield
Pamela Romney Openshaw
Pat Wesolowski
Pearl Barrett
Rachael Carman
Rachel Jankovic
Ray Moore
Robert Bortins
Scot Gilmore
Scott Turansky
Serene Allison
Shannon Benefiel
Sharon Fisher
Sherri Seligson
Sonya Shafer
Stephen Kendrick
Steve Green
Steve Scheibner
Tad Lamb Jr.
Tami Fox
Tim Rees
Todd Friel
Todd Laubenthal
Todd Wilson
Wendy Rondina

and many more added weekly...

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