So Many Good Sessions

I have been trying to come to an event since you began these and was beyond excited when you came so close to me this year. I booked it when you had the early early bird special in September of 2017 and have anxiously been awaiting May to get here. There were so many good sessions that I needed and enjoyed. I LOVED Heidi St. John and her ability to be so real and encouraging and make us laugh and cry all in the same session. Her desire to equip us for the task and battles that lie ahead was amazing. I would have to say the Mom’s event on Friday night was the icing on the cake for me. It was just what I needed personally as a mom. I loved how special she made us feel and how encouraging she was. It was such a fun and needed night for moms. The refreshment to my soul, wisdom and knowledge in my mind and encouragement to my heart was way more than I had anticipated.