Your Perfect Homeschool Schedule You know you need a schedule, but no matter how hard you try, nothing seems to work!

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Our God is a God of order and by His grace this workshop will show you how to find your best homeschool schedule today!
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A mother of eight, Amy Roberts, is a blogger at Raising Arrows where she talks about parenting a large family, homeschooling, Christian conservatism, and grief support.
Raising Arrows is all about keeping in mind the fact that as Christians, we are raising unique individuals who will someday be let loose to fly with precision and accuracy at the target set before them by the Lord.“We shape and sand selflessly with that thought in mind,” says Amy. Her passion is for her readers to walk away from her blog provoked to thought, edified, and refreshed.


The two main kinds of schedules
We are created with a sense of order
Every family has their own dynamic
How children are most motivated by a schedule

Your Perfect Homeschool Schedule

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