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The Perfect Homeschool Bundle
The Perfect

Homeschool Bundle

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What's Included In This Bundle?

6 powerful audio sessions recorded at Teach Them Diligently events.
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Rachael Carman

Formulating and Teaching a Biblical Worldview to your 6–14 year old

Rachael Carman
Establish a clear, Biblical worldview and a stong foundation in basic Christian doctrine that will protect your children against the false teachings and worldly values they will encounter during the critical teen years.
Jeannie Fulbright

The 7 E's for Choosing Curriculum

Jeannie Fulbright
As an admitted curriculum junkie, Jeannie bought everything that sounded good. From A Beka to Hillyer to e-books, she has tried every kind of curriculum and method available. Out of experience she has formulated the 7 E's to carefully choosing curriculum.
Esther Wilkinson

Your Most Organized Homeschool Year Ever

Esther Wilkinson
Discover organizational strategies that will help you take advantage of the many opportunities you have to influence lasting transformation in your children.
Debra Bell

Twenty First Century Homeschooling

Debra Bell
Welcome to the digital age. Debra explains how the internet is changing education. Harness the educational advantage of online learning and give your kids a jumpstart on their future.
Ronda Marshall

How to Have the Perfect Homeschool While Teaching Children of Different Levels

Ronda Marshall
Explore how to start multi-level teaching, how to set goals, how to create a learning environment and get many practical tips for teaching multiple levels in your home. As an experienced homeschool mother of six, Rhonda shares tips and ideas on how to homeschool children of different ages and abilities.
Jeannie Fulbright

Homeschooling: Methods That Win and Methods That Wipeout

Jeannie Fulbright
Uncover the reasons why we get discouraged as we travel the road of homeschooling. Jeannie will give practical tips and ideas that will breathe life into your school day and include ideas for organizing your day and scheduling.

Homeschool Convention Testimonial

"I need to process all that I've learned and been convicted of this weekend! God spoke to me much more about my non-homeschooling One than the One I homeschool. And I had the best talk with him at bedtime tonight. I'm so thankful for Mark Hamby, Rachael Carman, and Carol Barnier sharing their stories and the Word of God."

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The Perfect Homeschool Bundle
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