Finding Your Calling

Your guide to embracing your calling as a homeschool parent and helping your child find his or her own calling!

The Calling to Follow Christ

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For some, they hear the call to follow Christ at an early age.

For others it may be in high school, early adulthood or even in the later stages of life.

As Christian parents, we want to give our kids all of the tools they need to learn about God, find faith, and follow in the way that leads to eternal life.

The Calling to Homeschool

The call to homeschool can be for many different reasons.

It might be that a child needs less distractions in order to focus on learning or maybe the child has a special need that is easier to accommodate from a homeschool landscape.

Some families may not have access to a good public-school system and feel they can better educate the children at home.

Still other families want to make sure their children’s character is shaped by Christ and not by the influences of the world found in a public school system.

Whatever the reason, many families feel called to homeschooling. There are so many great Christ-centered homeschool curriculums on the market today.

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Helping Your Kids Discover Their Gifts

Each child is unique and kids hit different milestones at different times.

A child might be really shy in kindergarten and then bloom into a confident, outgoing kid the next year.

As parents, we can help our kids discover their gifts by allowing them room to grow, supporting and encouraging our kid’s passions and letting them take the lead on what makes their hearts soar.

It is in the midst of this that our children will be able to discover their spiritual gifts.

Teaching Your Children to Love Learning

How can we teach our children to love learning?

1. Start reading to them constantly from an early age.

2. Find things that interest your child and center the learning around these things.

3. Motivate your children with encouraging words.

4. If your child has an area the he or she struggles, help them to overcome obstacles to learning

5. Allow children to explore and have fun.

6. Lead by example.

Encouraging Creativity While Homeschooling

Foster and encourage a creative homeschool environment for younger kids by allowing them unstructured time for creative play.

For kids that are a little older, hands on experiments and activities help to spark creativity.

There are many home school curriculums that encourage creativity through video-based lessons and enrichment activities.

Resources for Finding Your Calling

Full Time Christians

Today’s post has been written by Camden Nunnery, a homeschool grad who is currently serving with us here at Teach Them Diligently and is preparing

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9th Grade

Pinpointing Potential Careers

How do you know God’s call for your life? For some, it’s a clear message to their heart from a young age. Others find it by trial and error. But many don’t know God’s call simply because they aren’t aware of how to recognize it.

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12th Grade

Finalizing Your College and Career Plan

With the holidays approaching and Christmas break around the corner, this email may seem like just another addition to your to-do list! But if you have a few minutes this month, December is a great time to sit with your senior to finalize your college and career plans.

No plan needs to be written in stone, especially in the ever-changing climate of the teen years. Even so, tangible goals for this final semester of your student’s high school career are incredibly helpful as you decide what’s next.

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Helping Your Teen Choose the Right College

Here are some ways you can help your teen choose the right college.

  • Have your child tell you what he or she is interested in. If they are not sure, have them brainstorm a list of things and then prioritize them.
  • Make a list of potential colleges
  • Plan to visit the top three colleges on the list
  • Talk to friends and family that may have attended the college
  • Take a college class in the summer at a local community college.

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