Reclaiming the Princess | 120

Jeanna Young joins today’s podcast! Jeanna, who after many years as an event planner, stepped out in faith to do a completely unexpected project that God put on her heart– and then has been able to stand back and watch Him work through it for many years. Jeanna is the author of the Princess Parables, which uses characters that girls naturally relate to to teach the CHARACTER they need. TTD loves being able to point families to resources and we truly believe these will be beneficial for you!

It’s hard to believe we’re FINALLY right upon our very first event in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, isn’t it? We’ve been planning and talking about this event for over a year and it’s finally here. We are so excited to see thousands of you there, and we have good news for those of you who haven’t gotten your ticket yet. They’re still available!! There’s still time to make your plans to join us there or to tune in via Livestream, click HERE to learn more and make your plans to be there!

Are you Looking for a resource to help teach your kids the Bible? The Word in Motion Bible curriculum, written by Rachael Carman, equips families to read the Word of God with passion, purpose, and big-picture understanding, and to tell the grand story of God’s love for His people. The two-volume series has been designed for use with grades K–8. Streaming video lessons are included as part of the study that will engage your family with vibrant illustrations and get kids up and moving to help them remember the key people, places, and events from every book of the Bible! Visit to learn more and purchase for your family.

Additional Resources:

Click HERE to find out more information about Princess Parables and how you can purchase your copies today!

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